“Create New Products” with Japan’s manufacturing spirit

The phrase, “Manufactured in Japan” has swept the world for several years. However, it seems that many products that claim to be “MADE IN JAPAN” are actually only partly made domestically.
 Primarily, I believe “Manufactured in Japan” originated from the honest and persistent temperament of Japanese people, who in a country with poor resources, cultivated in harsh conditions where people struggled to obtain raw materials from domestic and overseas sources, created products with repeated ingenuity.
 However, with time, trends have changed and now it is no longer the era in which domestic small to medium-sized manufacturers can survive solely on “Manufactured in Japan” products.

 The challenge is, “how to create products with high added value with opportunities for more diversified and complex markets?” To that end, a flexible corporate structure that can quickly respond to every change is needed.
 It’s been 90 years since our company’s inception. Our founders taught us “resources are effective” and “do what others don’t”. With this in mind, we’re here today, overcoming waves of changes in society.
 And now, we firmly inherit the spirit of manufacturing in Japan and believe our mission is to deliver new products that meet the demands of the time.


Yoshihiko Shibuya