Ecology Business

We offer total service from planning to manufacturing according to the customer’s request.
Not only do we offer transparent bar soap and soap using the boiler method,
we also offer basic cosmetics products including haircare products, lotions and creams.

Recycling Initiatives

The food oil waste discharged in Japan is 340-370 thousand tons per year.
We are engaged in recycling activities in the form of soap production using waste oil.
The “Food Recycling Law” (under the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, the Ministry of the Environment) requires that food business operators take initiatives to reduce or reuse food waste.

“Gentle to Bare Skin – Medicated Hand Soap” is a recycled product made from highly refined frying and tempura oil as a raw soap ingredient.

[Medicated Hand Soap
Recycle Loop ①
(Case Study: Food Industry)】

[Bar Soap
Recycle Loop ②
(Case Study: Hotel Industry)]

Medicated hand soaps made by SHIBUYA OIL & CHEMICALS.,LTD., using recycled waste food oil, do not use any petroleum type synthetic surfactant and use only pure soap ingredients.
Since the ablution ingredients are soap, there is no grease and they wash well. It is also excellent in biodegradability, which translates to a soap that is gentle to the human body and the environment.


SHIBUYA OIL & CHEMICALS.,LTD. also recycles food oils used in convenience stores, shopping malls, etc.
Among them, some of the purified products are used as “medicated hand soap”, manufactured with the permission to sell as cosmetic products, and they are being used or recycled again at stores.

Convenience Stores

Shopping Malls

School Lunches

Food Service Kitchens

Ecology Products

We are making a contribution to society by recycling used food oil into hand soaps that are friendly to humans and the environment.

For normal use

For refill use

For commercial use with quadruple dilution

Gentle to Bare Skin
– Medicated Hand Soap


  • The specified germicide is compounded as a medicinal active ingredient.
  • No synthetic petroleum surfactant is used. It is made of pure soap ingredients, so it is gentle to hands and the environment due to its good biodegradability.
  • Bubbles and rinses well with no grease.
  • It has aloe extract that moisturizes the hands.
  • It has a hint of lily of the valley scent.
  • This is a quasi-pharmaceutical product.