International Olive Academy KOBE

SHIBUYA OIL & CHEMICALS.,LTD. supports the creation of the town’s landscape with olive trees through the International Olive Academy KOBE.

International Olive Academy KOBE’s Basic Principles

We plant olive trees in town, grow them, and devote ourselves to making the town’s landscape.

Through these activities, we will continue to inherit the history and tradition of Kobe which has repeatedly coexisted and developed through friendship as an international city.
It’s a historical fact that Japan’s first state-owned olive grove existed in Yamamoto Street during the Meiji Era.

We aim to become an intellectual hub with a think-tank function on topics such as olive-related research, business planning, human resource development, etc. through establishing and developing the town with olives as the core.

The Purpose of the International Olive Academy KOBE

  • We will create a townscape with olives.
  • We will strive to disseminate correct knowledge and the history of olives.
  • Interact with people, organizations, both local and international through olives.
  • Foster peace and fraternity through olives.
  • We will create a healthy, rich life, and culture through olive.
  • We will develop and disseminate excellent products using olives.
  • Create a lifestyle using olives and propagate from Kobe.

Kobe Olive Grove Soap

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