Head Office Location Kenryu Bldg. #503, 6 Kaigandori, Chuo-ku, Kobe 650-0024, JAPAN
TEL +81-78-335-5027(Main)
FAX +81-78-333-9090
Establishment December 1924
Capital 50 million yen
Business Description Cosmetic soap and products, liquid soap, quasi-pharmaceutical products and other manufacturing of products, and sales
Board of Directors
  • ChairmanTakuma Shibuya
  • PresidentYoshihiko Shibuya
  • DirectorTakashi Wakai
  • DirectorTomonari Yamaguchi
  • DirectorItsuko Shibuya
  • Auditing OfficerNaoe Shibuya
Employees Approx. 40
Allied Banks
  • Nisshin Shinkin Bank
  • Amagasaki Shinkin Bank
  • MUFG Bank
  • The Minato Bank
Plant Location Osaka Factory 73-3 Kena-cho, Chuo-ku, Sakai 599-8266, JAPAN TEL: +81-72-349-6440 FAX: +81-72-349-6441
Registered Mark Inaka Musume Jirushi, Kankyo Club, SOC
Affiliated Organization
  • Japan Soap and Detergent Co-operative Association
  • Kinki Soap and Detergent Industry Cooperative
  • Kinki Cosmetic Industry Association
  • Japan Linen Supply Association
  • Japan Oil Chemists’ Society
  • Kansai Diaper Lease Cooperative
  • Kinki Cleaning Cooperative
Recent Awards
  • Hyogo Eco Business Promotion Award (FY1995)
  • Shiga Pref. Eco Life Lake Biwa Excellence Award (FY1998)
  • Biomass Product Promotion Achievement Award (FY2005)



〒650-0024 Kobe-City, Chuoku, Kaigandoi 6, 
Tatetaka Bldg. 5F


1924 Yoshio Shibuya, from the former Kobe Suzuki Shōten, founded SHIBUYA OIL & CHEMICALS.,LTD., Ltd. Manufactured and sold Inaka Musume Jirushi powder soap and Shoberu Jirushi Maruseru soap.
1930 Trading begins with the Nada Buyer Association (currently Co-op). Shibuya Maruseru soap later sold as Inaka Musume Jirushi powder soap.
1939 Changed to a corporation with a capital of 190,000 yen Manufactured and sold food oil, powder soap, Maruseru soap, make-up soap, glycerin, etc. Released cleaning materials.
1945 Restarted business suspended by wartime policy. Capital increased to 200,000 yen Manufactured and sold Inaka Musume Jirushi powder soap and Orion cosmetic soap.
1949 Sold Inaka Musume Jirushi powder soap red mark, blue mark, A brand, and Shoberu Jirushi Maruseru K bar soap as direct marketing industrial soap for laundry shops.
1955 Opened Tokyo office
1957 Production of liquid by sulfonation of alkylbenzene and pasty synthetic detergent began. Released industrial neutral detergent, Neosen and dish washing liquid soap, Neosen-L.
1960 Changed company name to SHIBUYA OIL & CHEMICALS.,LTD., Inc. Capital increased to 760,000 yen Production of polyoxyethylene fatty acid ester type nonionic surfactant began. Released charge soap/neobenzer for dry cleaning.
1962 Production of ether type nonionic surfactant began. Neonon, Neonon G, Neonon P series released for industrial use.
1963 Launched a new type of soap for business use (complexed soap).
1967 Capital increased to 11 million yen
1971 Developed compact type granular soap.
1972 Safety and environmental problems became active and soap with natural ingredients were being reviewed. Granular soap became a recommended product of Nada Kobe Cooperative (currently Co-op Kobe).
1973 Developed liquid complexed soap for kitchen use (Japan’s first).
1975 Capital increased to 20 million yen
1976 Nada Kobe Cooperative’s (now Co-op Kobe) recommended products, granular soap and the complexed liquid soap for kitchen use, officially became co-op products.
1979 The cosmetic business began. Inaka Musume shampoo manufactured as co-op product.
1993 Capital increased to 40 million yen
1995 January – Factory was totally destroyed by the Great Hanshin Earthquake. July – Fully resumed business operations.
2015 Osaka factory operation began.
2016 Head office relocated.