About our R&D office

Reasons Why We Chose the Boiler Method

Current Status of Soap Market

Currently, cosmetic soaps sold in the market are made from “soap chips”. A raw material for soap made in Malaysia and overseas is made into the chip form.Then, companies import this, add extracts, fragrances, pigmentations, etc., and mold it with a stamping machine and sell it in to the market. Because it can be made quickly at a low-cost using soap chips, this is what is sold in the mainstream.

Soap Being Made from Natural Fat and Oil

The cosmetic soap we’re introducing doesn’t use soap chips. It is made from scratch in a vat using natural fat and oil. This is called the “boiler method”.This “boiler method” allows various natural fats and oils to be chosen from to create different recipes. We’re also able to incorporate moisturizing ingredients such as “natural glycerin”. This is created at the soap manufacturing stage to bring out the best quality and goodness in our soap products.

The “boiler method” can only be handled by professionals who have expert knowledge of fats and oils. The more troublesome the product is to manufacture, the more it is not suited for mass production. However, we think that the “boiler method” is the only way to let customers experience the quality of real soap. The real “cosmetic soap” protects the health of skin and plays the most important part of basic cosmetics.

About our R&D office

We produce cosmetics and toiletry products suitable for today’s era,
including natural oils and leading edge ingredients.

Developmental Capabilities

SHIBUYA OIL & CHEMICALS.,LTD. is not limited to soap making, but we develop products of various types. We propose to customers from various angles and create samples necessary for the development process.

Bar Soaps

We manufacture distinctive bar soaps such as framed, transparent, 2-layer type, and also use the boiler method.

About Our Bar Soaps

Quality Management

SHIBUYA OIL & CHEMICALS.,LTD. is a one-stop service offering planning and manufacturing of bar soaps and other various cosmetic products. And in the research and development room of our factory, quality control is done for each of the manufactured products.

Selection of Safe Ingredients

We carefully select extracts that match the purpose/function of the product from among numerous extracts collected around the world and mix them. We can prepare many organic extracts. We can also formulate extracts from locally harvested goods (wild grasses, vegetables, etc.), and produce products unique to that locale.

Quality Management

We are making every effort to ensure product quality, including safety testing during manufacturing and development, and also inspections during the manufacturing process.