Hotel Amenity Business

Bath amenities are an important tool to convey the “heart of hospitality” to customers.
Please let us know the message you want to convey to your customers.

About Hotel Amenities

Each hotel (accommodation) has different regionality and identity,
and for this reason, the displays of hospitality are different also.
It is important that the bathroom amenities are products that express the unique merit of the hotels and minds.

Making products friendly to humans and the environment

The soap of SHIBUYA OIL & CHEMICALS.,LTD. uses only natural raw ingredients that are traceable and safe.
We are manufacturing high-quality products due to our expert researchers effectively blending and mixing the ingredients.

Product Lineup

The product has been given strict criteria for its appearance, color tone, aroma, clay, PH, specific gravity, and microorganism inspection.
All products are produced at the local factory of SHIBUYA OIL & CHEMICALS.,LTD.

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