OEM Business

We offer total service from planning to manufacturing according to the customer’s request.
Not only do we offer transparent bar soap and soap using the boiler method,
we also offer basic cosmetics products including haircare products, lotions and creams.

OEM Products

Making Products Friendly to Humans and the Environment

The soap of SHIBUYA OIL & CHEMICALS.,LTD. uses only natural raw ingredients that are traceable and safe.
We are manufacturing high-quality products due to our expert researchers effectively blending and mixing the ingredients.


  • ・Skin Lotion
  • ・Skin Cream
  • ・Cleansing
  • ・Facial Cleansing
  • ・Skin Milk
  • ・Face Mask
  • ・Body Soap
  • ・Cosmetic Soap


  • ・Shampoo
  • ・Hair Oil
  • ・Conditioner
  • ・Hair Cream


  • ・Bath Salts
  • ・Linen Water
  • ・Medicated Face & Hand Soap

Production Flow


Meeting/Determining Product Concept

We consult with customers and fulfill their desires as follows;
●what kind of products they want,
●for what type of people,
●how is it going to be distributed in the market,
●and how is it going to sell.
We will clarify and recommend more accurate products that the customer wants.


Formulation/Product Shaping/Raw Material Selection

Based on the product concept, we will determine the optimum main ingredients, product capacity, shape, etc. We will introduce raw ingredients that are in trend, plant extracts that best match products, and so on.


Proposal/Creating Product Samples/Safety Test

We will manufacture the desired samples. Until a satisfactory product is completed, we can do a trial production. So please feel free to consider a trial sample. Once the formula is decided, a safety test will be carried out in our laboratory.


Product Design

In conjunction with creating a sample, we can recommend product specifications, such as packaging selection, labeling, and package design. Various bottles, pouches, vanity boxes, etc. are available, so we will recommend the best one for the customer.



In accordance with your budget and terms, we will present several estimates. Then, we will exchange contracts stipulating important criteria such as quality standards and delivery dates.



After completing the procedure of pharmaceutical affairs, such as applying for the product name, etc., then it’s ready for production. Production is carried out under strict quality control.



The finished product will be shipped and delivered to the customer. In the unlikely event that problems occur after delivery, we will respond promptly with problem-solving solutions. Later, if the customer wants to change the capacity and design of the product, we can also assist the renewal process that keeps the cost down.

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SHIBUYA OIL & CHEMICALS.,LTD., in the 90 years since its founding, is an expert at manufacturing natural foundation cosmetics and soap products. We work with the motto, “to create human and environmentally friendly products”.